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Our mission is to make it easier for anyone to start and grow a company in Central Florida.


Comfortable Coworking Areas

From a part-time community desk to a dedicated desk or office, we have the flexibility and amenities you need.


Active Mentoring & Guidance

Gain access to business and technology leaders as been-there-done-that mentors and sounding boards.


Weekly Events & Programs

We regularly host events and programs covering a wide range of interests, from the Arts to Z-buffering.


A Creative and Engaging Community

More than a work space, Canvs is a hub for creative people. Spend an hour here and you’ll understand.

This Is How We Innovate

Drones gathering intel on crops. Space tugs repositioning satellites in space. Artificial intelligence. Route optimization. Underwater robotics. Weather prediction. Nano extraction of precious metals. Next generation sensor and capacitor technology. No, it’s not the...

The Canvs Designathon: A Recap

EVENT OVERVIEW: The Canvs Designathon was hosted on Saturday, August 26 from 9AM - 5PM at Canvs Parramore located in the UCF Center for Emerging Media. Nonprofits and small businesses in the District 5 area were invited to attend and receive free marketing materials,...

Why Canvs?

  Is it just a coworking space? Canvs, as the name implies, strives to be a blank canvas that inspires and empowers entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators. Canvs is a not-for-profit organization that provides places, programs and funding to enable early-stage...

Takeover is proud to present ‘War Torn’ featuring Dominic DaSylva at Canvs!

  The art of assemblage became more prominent during the early 20th century and regained its popularity post World War II. DaSylva reproduces photographic imagery by assembling cut or torn magazine paper. Once these bits and pieces come together, they become more...

Takeover is pleased to present: The Bond

Takeover is pleased to present Natalia Diaz and Victorious Mcleod at Canvs!  The Bond includes portraits that capture the essence of close friends and family, creating a compelling study of how we observe those that we share strong bonds with. When artists are...

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