The art of assemblage became more prominent during the early 20th century and regained its popularity post World War II. DaSylva reproduces photographic imagery by assembling cut or torn magazine paper. Once these bits and pieces come together, they become more symbolic and meaningful as another reality paints itself through material to appear as the subject of important matters.

Dominic DaSylva Artist Statement Growing up around art, I’ve touched on many mediums. I find collage to be the most fun and free, and I love the effect it has. My art is made up of thousands of tiny recycled magazine pieces which create fun and mesmerizing imagery. Anything I can imagine or see, I can make. That’s what I like about art. Artist’s Bio Dominic DaSylva is primarily a self-taught artist. His choice of media include painting, sculpture, mixed media, mold making for reproduction, just to name a few. Dominic has achieved stature through a consuming passion for his work and an unrelenting dedication to its quality and integrity. His prolific body of work has been reproduced in art prints, album covers, magazines, and other publications. Dominic is currently working on collage projects. His work is collected by a wide range of enthusiasts. Born in St. Petersburg FL, DaSylva now lives in Winter Park Fl. To see other works by Dominic DaSylva go to The exhibition, “War Torn” is organized by Takeover: *Free Event and Open to Public *Exhibition Period: March 16th – April 13th

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