The Bond

Takeover is pleased to present Natalia Diaz and Victorious Mcleod at Canvs

The Bond includes portraits that capture the essence of close friends and family, creating a compelling study of how we observe those that we share strong bonds with. When artists are motivated by their subjects, it is through a force of nature that each line is drawn, reflecting their relationship.

Natalia Diaz Artist’s Statement:

My work focuses mainly on capturing my subjects in their most present moment in time, while I procure to show their true selves through my perception of who I believe they are, with the help of color, body language, and symbolism. Natalia Diaz was born and raised in Lima-Peru until the age of 10 when her family moved to Orlando, FL. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, with a concentration on Painting. She currently resides in Orlando, FL.

Victorious Mcleod Artist’s Statement:

My work is centered around my perception of life. I am naturally reclusive, and therefore naturally observant. A great deal of my time is spent thinking about past, personal events and historical events with an objective eye; especially while painting.

Victorious Mcleod started his involvement with art at a very young age. While not coming from an artistically inclined background he has pursued art for most of his life. His work is influenced by old master portraiture and 19th century American realist art. He currently is pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts and plans to pursue a Masters degree at the New York Academy of Art.

*Images from the left: Natalia Diaz, Struggle, Victorious Mecleod, Study of Destiny and Character Study of Destiny,

and Natalia Diaz, Motivation Happens Within.

*Free Event and Open to Public

*Exhibition Period: July 21st – August 15th from 8:00am to 6:00pm

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