Where will yohotticketu be the evening of November 5th?

We hope you’ll be supporting Central Florida’s commitment to entrepreneurship, innovation and technology at Starter Studio’s Demo Day #4.

The evening will be the culmination of 12 weeks of intensive learning and product development for ten start-up companies (we call them “Starters”) that will “graduate” on the stage at the Cheyenne Saloon & Opera House.

Each company will “pitch” the audience of nearly 300 local business and civic leaders, technology gurus, innovators and investors, and fellow start-up entrepreneurs. No doubt you fit into one of those important categories! It’s not a “shark tank,” but it is also not a guppy tank, and the Starters have worked through a rigorous “lean start-up methods” program over long days, nights and weekends, to get here.

Why have they worked so hard? Because Starter Studio is getting results. Fostering job growth. Attracting investors. Fueling the entrepreneurial culture and eco-system that is so essential to the sustainable growth of our region.

Before class even “lets out,” we’ve had one Starter, DIY.Fund (a Do-It-Yourself investing platform) attend the largest financial blogger conference in the U.S., to pitch their concept. Another, HotSwitch (think mobile app for “social viewing” of television), has already been accepted into the prestigious Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley (with a pledge to return to The City Beautiful after their 6-month stint).

Okay, one more. SpaceSplit, which promises to be the next Uber of “space sharing,” is off to Techweek New York City, one of the largest gatherings of technology innovators in the world, to network and practice their pitch for Demo Day #4. There’s more of course, but that’s why Demo Day #4 tickets are the hottest tickets in town right now.

Just click through here for all the details and to get your tickets. If you have a special promo code you can enter it on the registration page.

We hope to see you there!




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