strong films


Strong Films is a video production company started by local film maker Jon Strong in 2011.  In 2013 Jon convinced his longtime friend James Spradlin to join Strong Films as CEO while Jon serves as the Chief Filmmaker.

Strong Films CEO James Spradlin says his company exists for a singular reason, “to tell stories that matter.” Clearly, that approach has garnered Strong Films recognition and a client list that much larger agencies would covet, including recent work for Disney, the MBA program at University of Florida, and others.

Startups take note, Spradlin has his elevator pitch refined to the Nth degree: “For brands we trust, we discover what’s most important within a product, a service, or a cause. Then, we capture and form this powerful reality into an unforgettable and shareable experience.” Of course, it makes sense they have it nailed, Strong Films is a master at storytelling. Their brand stories for clients have already reached more than 20 million viewers, and many more just while you are reading this. Learn more about Strong Films on their website.


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